Kids Groups

Ages 4 – 16

Junior Squads Policy

Eastcourts Tennis Club Policy

Payments, weather, missed squads

Payment in full for junior squads must be made online via invoice (or by Direct Debit) before Week One of that school term; ie, exact date as per re-enrolment email. Late payment fee of $5 will be applied, for each week past the invoice payment due date. Any confirmed squad place not paid for by Week 2 of term will be forfeit, and that place assigned to another child.

Late notice (required notice/date as per re-enrolment email sent before each term starts) withdrawal from any junior squad will incur a fee equal to 50% of the full term squad fee, as it may not be possible for us to enrol another child at short notice. We will re-enrol you automatically for each term unless advised otherwise by email reply to our re-enrolment email.

Children are welcome to join our squads anytime during term that there’s space available; however, as courts & coaches are allocated from Week One, there is a small loading payable for enrolments after Week One. eg, for Weeks Two to Five, a loading of 10% applies, for Weeks 6-10 a 15% loading is added.

There are no makeup sessions, credits or refunds for squads missed due to illness, injury, absence or any other reason.

Eastcourts reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any squad due to enrolment numbers or for any other reason.

If the weather is indifferent, please assume your squad is on (we will notify you via SMS in the event of a rain washout, climatic or air quality issue). One squad cancellation (ie, we notify of cancellation prior to scheduled start time) is accounted for in the cost of each school term.* If your squad has two or more cancellations, credit for ONE 3 hour Vacation Care Session will be provided, valid for any camp day during the school holidays immediately following that term. Credit IS transferable to a friend or sibling.

For children in our Talent Development and High Performance squads only, one squad cancellation (ie, we notify of cancellation prior to scheduled start time) is accounted for in the cost of each school term.* If your squad has two (or more) cancellations in a single term, we will either schedule a makeup lesson or invite players to attend an additional match-play or workshop session, free. This is entirely at the discretion of Eastcourts.

If a squad has begun, and then is interrupted due to rain or for any other reason, it may continue indoors. This is entirely at the discretion of Eastcourts.

*On occasion a school term may be only 9-weeks, in which case, only one instance of squad cancellation (eg, wet weather) initiates a free camp day, make-up session or workshop. This is at the discretion of Eastcourts.

Player standard, safety & coaches

Coaches will group kids according to age and playing ability. If you are new to junior squads, you may need to be assessed first by a coach. To ensure groups have players of a similar standard, coaches may reassign any player to a different squad at any time. For each squad to run safely, it is important that children comply with coaches’ instructions. Verbal or physical bullying will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the squad. All Eastcourts coaches are qualified and first-aid certified and have passed a Working with Children Check. Any time your usual coach is unavailable, a qualified substitute will replace them.

Loan racquets

We have junior racquets available for kids to borrow, however all children enrolled for a term squad are required to bring their own racquet.

Court hire policy

Juniors enrolled in Eastcourts squads or weekly private lessons may use courts for free during daylight hours; this is on a space-available basis (ie, court cannot be booked in advance) and is always at the discretion of Eastcourts. For an enrolled junior on court with an adult (or a friend not enrolled at Eastcourts), court hire is half-price. To book a court guaranteed in advance, book/pay online at normal court hire rate.