Talent Development

Term Dates

Term 2
Tuesday 26 April –
Friday 1 July

Winter Holidays
Monday 4 July –
Friday 15 July

Term 3
Monday 18 July –
Friday 23 September

Spring Holidays
Monday 26 September –
Friday 7 October

Term 4
Monday 10 October –
Tuesday 20 December

Summer Holidays
Wednesday 21 December –
Thursday 26 January

Key Points from High Performance Coaches
Staying on a “coloured ball” (red, orange, or green), for as long as possible
This creates the best outcome for players – we do understand parental expectations that their child “move up” ASAP, but this can be detrimental to their development as a tournament player.
Weekly Themes
Designed by High Performance coaches Luke & Michael, these weekly themes all term aim to provide players with a set focus each session to improve all areas of their game.
Squads vs Comps
Our squads are for developing and refining skills. Competitions and match-play are where those skills are then applied.
Match-Play Review
Coaches constantly working with players to identify what worked and what didn’t during regular match-play.
Variation in standard is a necessity
Training with some players weaker or stronger than you, is the ideal mix for dealing with tournament match-play situations. A crucial part of mental development is being able to adjust accordingly.
Strongest players in groups

Being (at times) among the stronger players in a group allows players to develop their own confidence, maturity & to become role models for younger players.

Parents are our most important resource

Allow coaches to advance players through development stages, work with coaches on any queries or clarification as to your child’s development

Support the process & development stage your child is working through.

Maintain boundaries – ie, allow players to play & compete free from any off-court distractions.

Adopt primary role of support, ie,
provide encouragement & positive feedback for your child.

Talent Development Squads

Juniors who display extra commitment and ability are invited to join our talent development squads. Players are expected to participate in squads and lessons as well as additional weekly match-play.

Orange Ball Development

Minimum requirements:

Squad ($365/term)
Tuesday 4-5pm

Weekly 45 minutes private (or shared) lesson

Green Ball Development

Minimum requirements:

Squad ($475/term)
Thursday 6-7.30pm or
Friday 5-6.30pm

Weekly 60 minutes private (or shared) lesson recommended

Must be playing comp or tournaments

Yellow Ball Development

Minimum requirements:

Squad ($475/term)
Tuesday 6-7.30pm
Thursday 6-7.30pm
Friday 6.30-8pm

Weekly 60 minutes private (or shared) lesson recommended

Must be playing comp or tournaments

Elite Squad Development

Minimum requirements:

Squad ($495/term)
Wednesday 5.30-7pm

Weekly 60 minutes private (or shared) lesson

Must be playing comp or tournaments