Competitions & Match Play

Adults and Juniors

Eastcourts has regular competition for both Adults and Juniors – put your game to the test!

Adult Competition

ESTA Sunday Unisex adults comps

Each team 2-5 players, with two required to play each round (singles x 2 + doubles). Played at various eastern suburbs centres – either 8-10am or 10am-12pm every week. 10 weeks plus semis and finals. 12 divisions, standard from intermediate to advanced. Contact us to enter a team, or to be placed with a current team. Summer 2022 comp starts Sunday 6 Feb!

Team fee $320 (split among team members.)

And now, new for 2022…

Eastcourts is running regular UTR events for adults 

Please go here for details of upcoming events where you will find details including how to enter and pay online. Players will be placed into divisions according to their current ranking, with matches counting towards their UTR.

Sydney Tennis Player Running
Adult Tennis Groups Sydney

Current & Upcoming Adults UTR events, Details & Entry

Tennis Competition Sydney

Junior Competition

Eastern Suburbs Tennis Association
Team Comp (ages 8-16)

Green & Yellow Ball divisions

  • Term 2 2022, starts Saturday 30 April!
  • 7 divisions (including yellow & green ball divisions 6&7). The lower divisions 5, 6 & 7 play on Saturday afternoon; divisions 1, 2, 3 & 4 on Sunday afternoon
  • Finals will be held 25th/26th June
  • This is a team competition (players representing their clubs), 2 players compete each week
  • Teams play both doubles & singles matches
  • Fee $160pp

Eastern Suburbs Tennis League Singles Comp (ages 8-16)

Yellow & Green Ball divisions

  • Term 2 2022, starts Sunday 8th May!
  • number of weeks depends on start date, may vary (one league per school term)
  • open to players who can serve, rally & score
  • 8-player divisions, based on standard (not age/gender)
  • singles only: 2 x tie-break sets + Super Tie-break (first to 10 points)
  • 90mins time-slot (matches scheduled each Sunday, 8am-2pm)
  • top two players move up each league, bottom two move down
  • Fee $195pp

Tournaments & one-off events

New for 2022! Eastcourts is teaming up with Maccabi (White City) and Coogee (ESTC) to run Inter-club Challenge Match Days and “Compass Draw” Tournaments, in addition to our regular UTRs.

These are to provide additional match-play opportunities for juniors – inter & lower inter level.

  • range of ages and levels, from green ball to advanced (U16) yellow ball.
  • played on Sunday afternoons & hosted across all centres.

Register your interest in our events through the enquire button below.

Click the links below for details and entry for our latest UTR tournaments at Eastcourts. Unless otherwise stated, players are placed into divisions according to their UTR ranking (not age or gender). Open to green and yellow ball players. Matches count towards the player’s UTR.

Current & upcoming UTR events, details & entry